Product Features

With the help of our extensive domain expertise, we are designing and developing a wide range of cellular phone breakers. The specifications with which our range is available.


TX frequency 851/869~ 894 MHz
TX frequency 925/936~ 965 Mhz
TX frequency 1800~ 1990 Mhz
TX frequency 2110~ 2170 Mhz
Total output power 32w (800:8w,900:8w,1800~1950:8w,2100~2200:8w Cover interface Designed to cut off wave only in the down link bandwidth and so it does not affect any interference to base station and repeat
Automatic power switching power supply 50/60 hz/AC 100~240V transmitting to DC 24v
Weight 2.5 kg
Jamming range Radius 50~100M up [ the signal must -80db in the location]
Safety regulation AC Adapter UL (E190582).CSA(LR112971 level 3)
The other specifications of our range include:
RF output indicating of LED display
Four fans of convection and add metal filter
TNC antenna connector
IR remote control (8-10M)

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